Magical photography

Retouching and color correction Masterclass

  • 12-part tutorial video in English 
  • Text description, pictures and additional tips
  • Mind map about photo editing
  • List of Adobe Photoshop hotkeys used in the work
  • Original RAW file for your practicing
$65 USD

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The MASTERCLASS is about my method of creating and processing photos from shooting to the final result, and contains the best techniques that I use to work with pictures.

you will learn how to

Quickly select and prepare photos for retouching

Add or remove elements in your photo

Be creative in working with color

Make your photos amazing and add magic to any picture!

Recommended for:
Фотосессия для девочки на природе в лодке. Обучение фотографии. before and after. photography masterclass
  • People who wants to learn how to use Adobe Photoshop
  • People who want to learn how to make their photos better, uneven and extraordinary
  • People who want to be more confident with their Photoshop skills
  • People who want to learn more about color grading
  • People who want to make their own magical photos

12-part tutorial video in English • 1.5 hour

Programs and tools


What equipment do you need

Features of shooting on the water

Fast and easy photo selection

Using filters and rating

Main options that you need

Simple development and primary colour correction

Preparing photo to the editing

Main panels and tools

The removal of background flaws

Helpful methods of retouching

Use plastic to change forms and lines of the photo

How to make skin look more smooth and glossy

How to add more volume to the picture. Making picture more contrast and raised.

Increase the saturation without artifacts

How to change colors quickly in LAB

How to make the picture look more harmonious

Different methods for correcting colors. Adjustments and tools


Add magic to your photography!

Beautiful and natural hair

Air and fog

Magical specks of dust

Fairy background

Сorrect sharpness of a photo

Changing size of a picture

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Bridge

Camera Raw

Imagenomic Portraiture (only skin retouching)

About author
Kathrin Belotserkovskaya

Pro photographer and designer

Has been engaged in photography for more than 10 years, 7 of which she dedicated to the field of commercial child and family photography.

In 2019, entered the TOP-35 of the best child photographers in the world (35AWARDS).

The first masterclass on retouching and color grading was created in 2015. Since then many methods and techniques have changed, but two things have remained the same: the love of photography and the desire to constantly develop and help others become better.

волшебный фотограф москва
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