girl in the boat. photography materclass before and after

English version of my masterclass is ready!

Фотосессия для девочки на природе в лодке. Обучение фотографии. before and after. photography masterclass

Dear friends!

I have good news today! 😉☀️

Finally, my long-awaited retouching and color correction MASTERCLASS in English is ready!

 The MASTERCLASS is about my method of creating and processing photos from shooting to the final result, and contains the best techniques that I use to work with photos.

The MASTERCLASS package includes:

  • 12-part tutorial video in English
  • Text description, pictures and additional tips
  • Mind map about photo editing
  • List of Adobe Photoshop hotkeys used in the work
  • 1 month feedback support: you can ask me about lessons or send a result of your work

You can read the detailed plan of Masterclass here:


In short, the MASTERCLASS contains:

▶︎ A description of the scene, conditions and the equipment

▶︎ My file selection method in Adobe bridge

▶︎ Development and primary colour correction in Camera Raw

▶︎ Retouching of a photo in ADOBE PHOTOSHOP

▶︎The removal of background flaws

▶︎ Creating actions

▶︎ Plastic

▶︎ Work with the skin

▶︎ Volume

▶︎ Work in thе LAB mode

▶︎ My color correction methods

▶︎ Magical effects

▶︎ Sharpness

▶︎ Smoothing

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